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Der Fox: "Meinself nicht ben trusten ein singlisch tricker.
Originally the Trickers were granted temporary planning permission but apparently failed to re-apply within the time limit and were later refused consent.
A later application for renewal was refused and the Trickers lost a subsequent appeal.
He explained temporary planning permission for the business was originally granted in February 1990 against officers' recommendation so that the Trickers could carry on with their business while looking for an appropriate and acceptable location.
He added that while the Trickers were fighting the council, other businesses including a warehouse, an industrial estate and even a glazing company had been allowed to set up in the area.
Top teams this week are: The Addicks Fan Club (1,860 points), Ludite (1,857), Hammy's Hat Trickers (1,824), Vic's Celebs (1,736) and The Has Beens (1,717).