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The trickiest thing turned out to be drilling the holes the tile for the wire to go through--these old tiles can be brittle.
The iron has a precision tip which will give you a professional finish on even the trickiest of garments.
It was arguably the trickiest conversion in the show's history, and even left host Kevin McCloud stunned.
The influx is set to be one of the trickiest issues for Immigration Minister Damian Green, 54.
Rodenstock is so confident of its investment in lab technology that it is seeking out the trickiest glazing challenges.
I found the questions for 1 and 3 marks difficult while my friend felt the 2- marks question were the trickiest.
ANDY MURRAY revealed his trickiest opponent was the wind as he secured his passage into the third round of the Australian Open with a straight-sets win over Marc Gicquel.
In a large-scale study and an upcoming clinical trial, scientists supported by the National Institutes of Health address one of the trickiest issues in prescribing medicine -- how to quickly optimize each patient's dosage of the common blood-thinning drug warfarin
Author Josh Rappaport provides student-friendly instruction in the trickiest Algebra 1 topics by teaching in a Q&A format.
Presenter Julia Bradbury takes on the daunting challenge of scaling three of the UK's trickiest summits.
This may be the trickiest of the four principles for TEI to embrace, but there is a growing consensus that favors lower rates and a broader tax base over targeted incentives to reduce complexity, ease tax administration, and minimize the government's role in picking "winners" and "losers.
Instead a streamlined body will focus on the trickiest cases where couples who split cannot agree a financial deal to look after their children.