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In however trickily alliterative a fashion, wasn't I merely trying to depict the verdant lawn?
Evocative or thrilling writing for brass and woodwind - including alto saxophone, piccolo and bass clarinet - is often trickily exposed.
Preference is for Droopys Robles, with Paul Donovan's charge possibly not as trickily drawn in five as it may first appear.
Now to my surprise all Bashir's backers are trickily performing a rearward dance.
Seda's gift lies partly in her realization that while community-specific projects can touch just a small number of people, localism can paraphrase a world--but, trickily, only as long as it purports not to be considering itself symbolic.
The director isn't necessarily helped by a trickily if also cunningly assembled play that narrows its focus right down to--where else?
much to her own, fun-starved delight, as well as that of the guys in the audience and, trickily, Chokri.
And, as the sun rose on a new campaign at Highbury and Leicester were trickily, luckily but somehow inevitably disposed of, it became ominously clear that Wenger has once again proved as astute in his recruitment as his generalship.