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However, that trickle became a torrent after 1945, due in part to the availability of cheap mass travel, and soon the general public began to express concern, a concern that a scholarly Enoch Powell MP, articulated on their behalf.
the chain, they are suppliers, and shockwaves will the way van some have greatly' The Chamber a trickle"This trickles down all the way to the white van man Dr Scott Bambrick, Manchester Metropolitan University
PRM's nearly $500,000 award will expand Trickle Up's capacity to help UNHCR and other institutions provide improved livelihood services in 17 countries, building upon lessons learned in five existing projects.
The editors have organized the fifteen contributions that make up the main body of the text in three parts devoted to irrigation methods, closed circuit trickle irrigation design, and applications in sandy soils.
Because the poor around the world are a minority voice, they continue to suffer when promises are often made to turn on the tap so that wealth will trickle down, but the tank in the loft is always full to the top.
But yesterday there was just a slow trickle of wannabes trying their luck.
Bake for 30 minutes, then remove from the oven and trickle the cream around the sides of the gratin.
RAY: Plus, the car has its own built-in trickle charger.
If the people at the top of the pile fill their glasses, they will let their wealth trickle down to those at the bottom.
Researchers have for many years attempted to harvest energy from our everyday movements to allow us to trickle charge electronic devices while we are walking without the need for expensive and cumbersome gadgets such as solar panels or hand-cranked chargers.
Banbury-based Glazpart recently launched a new range of plastic injection moulded trickle ventilators, which it says meet the needs of today's building designers, window fabricators and installers.
All it has produced is a trickle and we are tired of getting trickled on," Engel said.