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In the design of south Tehran sewerage treatment plant efforts have been made to design nitrifying trickling filter to the extent that oxygen transfer through the media be maximum Qiao, et al, [14], to control formation of biofilm patchiness by complete carbon removal through aeration tank, to provide ammonia to even out diurnal ammonia loads by returning supernatant from sludge storage Chang, at al, [4,6,7], and controlling the levels of nuisance organisms by the following processes:
The Walvis Bay Municipality contracted Aqua Services & Engineering to upgrade existing stone-media biofilters to the company's flagship trickling filter technology, for improved waste water treatment.
The little wealth that the poorer and the working classes had is now trickling up to keep the wealthy in their position.
Summary: Jakarta, Dhu Al-Qa&'dah 20, 1431 H/Oct 28, 2010, SPA -- Aid was trickling in Thursday to Indonesia&'s Mentawai islands three days after a powerful earthquake-triggered tsunami devastated the area leaving over 300 dead, officials said.
Originally we thought of the concept of fashion trickling from the capital to Newcastle, but now it's just a name.
Policeman Eric Nathaniel said he found red fluid trickling down a portrait of Christ in his home on Andaman Islands two weeks ago which he believed was blood.
So, finally trickle down became clear-as the rest of us were getting squeezed mercilessly at the gas pump, profits were trickling down into the coffers of the oil companies.
The floor was covered with plain black carpet, four speakers were placed in the gallery's ceiling corners, and an antiquated but functioning flip-dot signboard was inset in the wall, an apparently random scattering of yellow dots slowly trickling down its surface.
It would still have been a very good article if you had used "sulfuric acid" instead of "odorless hydrogen sulfate" and admitted that the process still required a little alkali to neutralize this waste stream that is "carried away by water trickling over the foam.
The only thing that's actually trickling down--and will become a torrent in the future--is the pain of severe cuts in social services that working people and the poor rely on.
Avalon and other agencies are also using dry-weather diversion systems, which catch trickling storm water and send it to treatment plants.
But now that a consortium of electronics companies has nurtured the much-heralded Bluetooth into fruition, the first of a new generation of gadgets and gizmos are trickling forth.