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Already a little tear was trickling down his pale cheeks and red nose.
Policeman Eric Nathaniel said he found red fluid trickling down a portrait of Christ in his home on Andaman Islands two weeks ago which he believed was blood.
I just wish he were here,'' she said, a tear trickling down her cheek as an Army truck with a ``Support our Troops'' banner passed by.
The floor was covered with plain black carpet, four speakers were placed in the gallery's ceiling corners, and an antiquated but functioning flip-dot signboard was inset in the wall, an apparently random scattering of yellow dots slowly trickling down its surface.
The co-existence of crisis and cornucopia is trickling down in unexpected ways.
One of the main reasons why domestic demand remains stagnant is the fact that earnings growth is mainly limited to the mining and construction sectors, with little wealth trickling down to the average household.
It is comforting that the rewards of our heightened economic output finally show some sign of trickling down to those who can benefit from it the most.