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FOR THE NEXT COUPLE OF DAYS we tried our best to get as much done as we could while avoiding the other teams; although, at times it seemed impossible.
In opposing the request to transfer Casas to adult custody, Stevens cited in court the defendant's long history of having special-education needs and two psychological evaluations that were done, one saying he was fit to be tried as a juvenile, the other saying he wasn't.
The other teams drove away with their rad mystery guests while we tried to figure out what to do.
Then, with two runners on, Lowe tried to fool Andruw Jones with a sinker inside, but Jones got under it to crush a three-run home run halfway up the left-field pavilion to make it 8-1.
I tried to stay in the game, occasionally tossing a few between beers.
I've tried to make myself cry because it hurts so bad.
It's never easy to admit that I (insert incident: compounded cheating on my spouse by playing rough with a hotel maid, allowed my team to play on ``Monday Night Football'' without our star quarterback, seriously tried to record a rap album, spit on a courtside spectator, attempted to tackle Pedro Martinez, sent my teammate into therapy after biting the head off his pet cockatoo, which should not have been in the clubhouse in the first place.
She tried water skiing on a sit-down board the first day.
And I tried to say all the right things, to offer encouragement, to be positive, to instill confidence, but was certain nothing was registering.
Meier, who has two brothers who also use creatine, researched it - as he has with every supplement he's tried - before taking it.
A couple times I tried to make plays when there was nothing there.
That is why - after more than 40 years and nine presidents who have tried to get rid of him by means fair or foul - we are still driven nuts by Fidel Castro.