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The subjects of household efficiency, good health, the training of children, women in business, art, and books, are discussed by specialists and not by emotional triflers thrilled by the experiences associated with the life of the 'sob sister.
001 Croats cunning slow, selfish, stubborn, conceited, bad guys N 1 5 P value ns Gypsies slut, cunning, goons, insolent, dodger, glottis, trollop, cunning, always ready to I dislike them, help, scammer, freaks, false, leading dissolute liars, nomads, lifestyle, terrible, terrible, bad, poor, thieves fraudsters, stubborn, thieves, malicious, beggars N 10 16 P value ns Czechs beer lovers, a lot poor, beer of fire, triflers lovers, dull, nasty, bad N 3 5 P value ns Chechens fighters, deeply poor, mentally, religious, brave, i dislike them, romantic, smart, strange, fanatics, cheerful, murderers, graceful i do not like, stingy, arrogant, dangerous, hostile, restless, nasty, terrorists, stubborn, haughty, angry, impetuous N 7 18 P value <0.
Sworn triflers of a lifetime, they would not venture among the sober truths of life, not even to be truly blest" (9:59-60).