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For instance, the same company might sell an industry loss warranty that would be triggered with a $40 billion industry loss, hut buy one for protection on a $50 billion industry loss.
For example, in asset reorganizations involving two different consolidated groups, to the extent that the group going out of existence had entered into GRAs, they will be triggered if the U.
According to the RAI Manual, if a RAP is triggered, the following information MUST be referenced in that section:
Nevertheless, courts have found, in both the bodily injury and property damage context, that a policy is triggered when actual injury occurs.
This can be accomplished by setting a high price for a stock-transfer agreement triggered by the employee-shareholder's retirement after a number of years of employment, and setting a low price for a buy-sell agreement triggered by an employee-shareholder's termination due to poor performance or misconduct.
Under the "discovery" rule, the statute is triggered when the taxpayer knows to a reasonable degree of certainty that the defendant's tax error or omission Will result in damages.
The additional 2% rate is triggered by a letter or notice of deficiency not paid in full within 30 days, but only if there is an underpayment of tax exceeding $100,000.
Our team favored the conclusion that it was not induced by the reservoir, although we acknowledged that it could have been triggered.