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Higher speed triggering has followed improvements in semiconductor technologies, changing first from discrete circuitry to ICs, then to silicon ASICs, and finally to full-custom implementations using the latest materials and processes.
If the sensor is sending a constant output without triggering, then all of the uninteresting intervals between the target objects are being monitored and thus consume bandwidth and computer processing time.
Triggering is a term often used in sensing and measurement technology and includes all the different methods of initiating a measurement or a controlled output of measurement data.
The way he is triggering the release changes his angles and throws off the shot.
transferor must enter into a GRA, under which it agrees to include in income any gain realized, but not recognized, on the initial transfer of the stock or securities (plus interest), if certain triggering events occur within five years following the transfer year; see Regs.
Triggering events that cause a mandatory or optional buyout.
One facility I know of claimed that its software was triggering 12 RAPs, but when the information was pulled together in the appropriate combinations, they were in fact triggering only six RAPs.
Triggering also is a major part of the equation, and if you're working with serial buses, triggering may even be higher on the list than the usual faster, deeper, wider marketing favorites.
So, it doesn't give you enough feedback to anticipate the shot with the same degree of accuracy as you can when triggering with your fingertip.
1503-2(g)(2)(iii)(A), a (g)(2)(i) agreement provides that if there is a triggering event during the 15-year period following the year in which the DCL occurs (the certification period), the DCL must be recaptured in income, and there is an interest charge on the deferral.
In the improbable circumstance that both triggering events transpire, the financial consequences could be devastating to the insured.