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A body never knows where his lead will fly, when he pulls the trigger of one of them uncertain firearms.
It was a desperate chance to take, and I realized it in the instant that I threw the gun up from my hip and pulled the trigger.
With a bound he was upon his feet and at the same instant brought his other gun from his side and levelled it upon the man who had released him; but as his finger tightened upon the trigger Virginia Maxon sprang between them and grasping von Horn's wrist deflected the muzzle of the gun just as the cartridge exploded.
But even as he spoke, I was leveling my rifle upon the great brute below; and as he ceased speaking, I squeezed the trigger.
Just as my finger was on the trigger, I became conscious that the man who was approaching was humming 'Tipperary.
Sometimes, whilst covering Van Baerle with his telescope, he deluded himself into a belief that he was levelling a never-failing musket at him; and then he would seek with his finger for the trigger to fire the shot which was to have killed his neighbour.
Sheldon aimed at the centre of his chest, then deliberately shifted the aim to his right shoulder, and, with the thought, "That will put him out of business," pulled the trigger.
A score of times, with arms that shook from weakness, he would draw a sight on the animal and refrain from pulling the trigger.
He could shoot in the dark with never an aim, pullin' trigger with the second finger and pointing with the first finger laid straight along the barrel.
And then all I have to do is pull the trigger, eight times, as fast as I can quiver my finger.
I saw in his eye, that if I flinched, he would draw the trigger.
A touch upon the trigger and all would have been well with Carter Druse.