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To share such a quip, joke, or story so trimly and so secure of its receptivity with the prince is to share a perspective, a point of view, and an agreeable interpretation.
The article concludes trimly and breezily as follows: "In any event, our reader suggests: 'I wonder if the property owners could not find it in their hearts to erect a new Dick.
In that same mask of paint and powder, shadowed with vermeil tinct and most trimly pencilled, is woman's strength.
Her leopard-print skirt and black top fit trimly on her slender frame, while her heart-shaped face is expertly made up, lips glowing a deep red.
Philoctetes is not meant to be understood as a trimly allegorical representation of hardline Unionism.
The bouquet is now literally "nothing much," too much of nothing, and one is pressed to ask about the reference to the bouquet (in the fourth section) as a "violent disclosure trimly leafed" (CPP 387).
FRED MET LILY Medley Flirt Termed Filly Metred Filly Meted Frilly Flied Termly Flied Myrtle Field Termly Field Myrtle Filed Termly Filed Myrtle Firmed Telly Deftly Miler Milder Lefty Milted Flyer Dimly Lefter Ed Elf Trimly Ed Flyer Milt Ed Millet Fry Ed Telly Firm Ed Let Firmly Ed Term Filly Ed Met Frilly Feed Mill Try Feed Trill My
Like any chap, I like to see a trimly turned out woman.