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The Empress and the little Grand Duchess wore simple suits of foulard (or foulard silk, I don't know which is proper,) with a small blue spot in it; the dresses were trimmed with blue; both ladies wore broad blue sashes about their waists; linen collars and clerical ties of muslin; low-crowned straw-hats trimmed with blue velvet; parasols and flesh- colored gloves The Grand Duchess had no heels on her shoes.
The Grand Duchess had on a white alpaca robe, with the seams and gores trimmed with black barb lace, and a little gray hat with a feather of the same color.
So he took his axe to the forest, and selected some stout, straight saplings, which he cut down and trimmed of all their twigs and leaves.
The open window looked out upon a sloping lawn, well trimmed and pleasant, with fuzzy rosebushes and a star-shaped bed of sweet-william.
His coat was of rose-colored velvet, trimmed with shags and bobtails, with buttons of blood-red rubies and golden shags around the edges.
The Lion was so much in love that he had his claws trimmed and his big teeth taken out.
A tricorn trimmed with gold lace was set at a rakish angle over a wig of white curls that dropped down to his waist.
Pitt closed the door and came up to the table, where he sat down in the other arm-chair--that one placed for the reception of the steward, agent, or confidential visitor who came to transact business with the Baronet--and trimmed his nails more vehemently than ever.
Ever wonder what kind of fuel savings you might get from running your engine trimmed where it should be?
We also tested a control treatment, pullets with intact beaks, and a positive control treatment of pullets beak trimmed at 10 weeks of age which were expected to experience some pain due to recent severing of the underlying nerves in the beak.
That level of service means a city- owned tree gets trimmed every eight years, Robertson said.
Given the selection of the press, Dalton then finished its plan to include robotic loading of the equipment, automatic unload onto a conveyor shot blast machine to remove loose metal shavings, cosmetic touch-up of the trimmed surfaces and an automatic rust inhibitor application taking the finished castings to their packaging location--all with no manpower from the robotic loading up to the packaging point.