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Eventually, the goat will readily accept having its hooves trimmed.
As you should know, if the airplane is trimmed for an indicated airspeed (IAS) slower than your current IAS, it will tend to nose up.
Active Trim worked as I had been told it would--it trimmed up the running gear to maximize speed at a given RPM.
After the window is trimmed, slide shims behind each nail location to hold out the trim while nailing, then cut off the shims.
2 : to make neat especially by cutting or clipping <He trimmed his beard.
Since the nerves have been severed, pecking with a trimmed beak will not provide the sensory feedback that an intact beak may provide, and may thus reduce the sensory stimulation achieved through exploration with the beak resulting in less pecking.
But back on Elkwood Street, Homer Johnson remembers a time when the trees were kept neatly trimmed more often, when the only kind of shedding from the liquidambars were the star-shaped leaves in autumn, or the spiky seedpods that land on the pavement with a thwack.
The next type of inspection equipment the company makes includes testing systems to confirm the presence of sealing beads on metal to rubber bonded gaskets after they have been die trimmed, also known as leak testing systems.
According to the USDA, a typical cut of trimmed pork is one-third fattier than skinless chicken and twice as fatty as skinless turkey.
Pilot reported elevator trim jammed full forward and airplane could not be trimmed nose-up.
The trim process is clamp and cut ensuring no damage to trimmed pieces.
Ornamental trees need to be trimmed occasionally to maintain structure, health and pleasing appearance.