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The worry with these shows, though, is that while it could turn people off the idea of trimming down, it also gives out diets and tips on just how to achieve the lollipop look.
The Oscar went to the right person, and the actor showed his commitment by gaining weight to play the older La Motta and trimming down and adding muscle to play the young fighter.
The jazzy overfill is just as efficient in debunking the figure as the geometric trimming down.
So Loy decided to beef up the seeds by trimming down the pumpkin.
Aside from trimming down operations and work force, local mining firms have restructured their finances to survive the downtrend in the mining industry.
Banesto's performance has gradually improved in recent years, benefiting from cost-cutting measures (primarily trimming down its branch network and staff reductions through early retirements) and an improvement in asset quality.
The Parliament shall invite Prime Minister, Nouri al-Maliki, to discuss his government's program and the message he addressed to the Parliament, regarding the trimming down of his Cabinet," Khalidy told Aswat al-Iraq news agency, adding that "next Saturday shall be the day of Maliki's attendance of the Parliament's session.
For Weight Watchers, the more money spent on trimming down, the better the company's bottom line.
In phase one of the program, the firm will focus on trimming down unnecessary software license and maintenance expenditures.