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Gripping, if tritely made thriller, starring Treat Williams.
Superficial thinkers tritely dismiss jumping as being the traditionalist branch of the sport.
Marie, the Dawn is Breaking" had been written by Irving Berlin in 1928, "Pagan Love Song" in 1929 by Arthur Freed and Nacio Herb Brown, and both are rather tritely romantic and one implicitly stereotypical.
In the workplace, competition, especially for promotion or other perceived rewards, has tritely been felt to be 'a man thing' and testosterone has been cited.
Often, among traditionalists, the assumption is that such "pretentious, self-indulgent, craftless tat" ("Damien Hirst" 2007) is produced by those who lack the traditional fine art skills of drawing, painting, and sculpting, substituting for these hard-won disciplinary achievements and sensory pleasures a calculated idea, a tritely 'illustrative' iconoclastic concept.
As he wailed away on electric keys and flashed the sharp edges of those songs, it was immediately clear that Wonder was not about to tritely move through his songs or slap together crowd-pleasing but ultimately flimsy medleys.
Christmas will soon be here and many people will tritely refer to it as a time for children.
But we had been sent to confront the Dissembler by forces greater than us, by the Procurator with his terrible authority, ordered all the way down to the deepest part of this underworld: a place that everyone tritely called the Realm of the Banned.
It has a tritely infectious Latin beat and lyrics clearly written by a five-year-old.
Only at one point does this other impending reality break through, obliquely, brilliantly, in The Day After Tomorrow, when in the New York Library, before a raging fire of burning books (mercifully, tax books before Nietzsche, and not the Gutenberg Bible), Sam tritely tells Laura she hasn't quite 'adjusted' to the new reality of a transformed, frozen world.
I'm sorry, but this document is far too important to be treated so tritely as does Pia de Solenni's reaction to it.
And for a movie about breaking free of conformity, it's tritely predictable.