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Los datos obtenidos por citometria de flujo fueron graficados como LeucoGATE dotplot y TriTEST CD4/CD8/CD3 contourplot utilizando en software WinMDI version 2.
The revised test driver, TRITEST, includes a call to TRPLOT.
But I, for one, would not have chosen any other" (CU 69-70), he concludes, and keeps faith with his vocation by writing about craft and character in the life of a gifted movie man, whose form Fitzgerald feared might subordinate the novel, "which at my maturity was the strongest and supplest medium for conveying thought and emotion from one human being to another," to "a mechanical and communal art that, whether in the hands of Hollywood merchants or Russian idealists, was capable of rendering only the tritest thought, the most obvious emotion" (CU 78).
By the time he returned to the play for the revised edition (1962), Wilson had come to believe the latter alternative, replacing the former note with the evasive statement `The curate claims patristic or biblical authority for his tritest remarks.
But Dallas tries to be a poet as much as a historian, conjuring up images of the Vendee in language which will read like the tritest of sixth form ~creative writing' or inspired according to taste, and despite his use of unusual sources and unconventional passages of descriptive writing Dallas rarely has anything very new to say about his specific subject and French politics in general.
In "The Fifth Story," one of her funniest pieces, she mocks the tendency of writers and intellectuals to elaborate endlessly, finding significance in the tritest incident.
Its the tritest of academic cliches, of course: the professor/student affair.
Even Oasis, for all their arrogance, engender a terraces mentality that can make grown men weep at the tritest of lyric.
32) And reality is characterized by a fundamental duality, by the coexistence of contraries: the tritest of these are the facile oppositions which seem to delight God, a naive author, though they would incur the scorn of critics--night and day, mountain and valley.
But, as Tawfiq also notes, when the body becomes a marker of the poet's capacity to shock -- and this is a criticism often directed at Egypt's young writers, in whatever genre and language -- it may in fact become the tritest of images.