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NYSE MKT: NTN), a leading provider of in-venue social entertainment for bars and restaurants, announces the availability of the Jackpot Trivia(TM) game, which infuses traditional bar and restaurant trivia with popular game show and interactive social gaming elements.
Ron El's Comic Book Trivia - the last, best hope against the loss of comic book mythology
Electronic Arts Inc (EA) (Nasdaq:EA), a provider of digital, interactive entertainment, announced on Friday that it will be releasing a new, personalised and content-rich trivia game, TMi Trivia, later this spring.
Many trivia game nights in bars and restaurants take their cue from the question and answer format of "Trivial Pursuit," the board game that gained huge popularity in the 1980s and spawned a number of TV game shows, such as Jeopardy.
This was primarily the reason for creating PD Trivia.
Pride Games has dreams of rolling out its football trivia game to include every Premiership team after launching the Newcastle version.
Snacks & Sweets Trivia Game, a board game that features trivia about popular foods ranging from chocolate, candy and cookies to snacks, ice cream and desserts.
Free, New iPhone App Brings Trivia into the Social Gaming Age
Recognizable as a co-founder of the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop and star of HISTORY's "Pawn Stars" and "Pawnography," Harrison also knows business, leading him to establish a new venture in the development of "Rick Harrison's Trivia Challenge.
com)-- 'Wrestling Trivia Federation' available now on the Google Play Store
Written and presented in question-and-answer format, Great Smoky Mountains Trivia is a delightful collection of fascinating facts about Great Smoky Mountains National Park of Tennessee and North Carolina.
Written by trivia enthusiast and history buff Scott Paul Frush, and featuring a foreword by Chairman Emeritus of the National Italian American Foundation Frank D.