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A All registered pension schemes did count towards triviality rules, therefore previously it would be no.
Triviality rules refer to the total amount of pension savings.
Among the topics are upper bounds for the Whitehead-length of mapping spaces, the rational homotopy of symmetric products and spaces of finite subsets, the triviality of adjount bundles, spaces of algebraic maps from real projective spaces into complex projective spaces, the rational cohomology of the total space of the universal fibration with an elliptic fibre, and the localization of group-like function and section spaces with compact domain.
ISLAMABAD, October 11, 2010 (Balochistan Times): Ameer Jamat Islami (JI), Syed Munawwar Hassan has said that the triviality of the government over Kashmir resolution is disgraceful while Kashmir committee is carrying pro-Indian policy.
THE pagan feast of Halloween is foreign to Christian tradition and a superstitious, empty, way of imposing mindless triviality.
PLEASE INCLUDE YOUR INITIALS AND WHERE YOU LIVE THE pagan feast of Halloween is foreign to Christian tradition and has become a superstitious and empty way of imposing mindless triviality.
If only they knew the triviality of bust-gate, however, compared with the strain in transatlantic relations over the building in British ports of Confederate blockade-runners and commerce raiders during the American Civil War, 1861-5.
This paper grants the conclusion, while diagnosing the appearance of its falsity, without tagging philosophers who pursue conceptual analysis as shallow (or, if they pursue triviality and fail, stupid).
But she also posits that without an analysis of structural inequalities and the obliterating power of whiteness, "ethnic celebration collapses quickly into triviality.
In so doing, he circumvents the obvious impact of their visual triviality by forging conceptual connections with contradictory meanings: "Sprite" turns into "Spirit," or "Levis" into "Evil," or typographically recognizable traits from logos emerge partly manipulated, out of context, and charged with new significance.
Winters' barrister, Andrew Tucker, told the Court of Appeal in London about the comparative triviality of his client's previous offending, the absence of previous relevant offences, and the fact that his offending only began when he was in his 40s when he turned to drink after his divorce
It has been used in cases of unbelievable triviality, in one instance because of an untidy changing room.