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Trivium will reach the top - and deservedly so - but let's hope they're a big noise in every sense - bar one
Since its inception in 2000, Trivium has submitted eight major filings with approximately 400 Intellectual Property claims for light management films with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO), and other major countries worldwide.
Concert tour dates and requests for bookings or press can be made through the Trivium web site or by contacting the band's management at mkhproductionsinc@cfl.
3Com has acknowledged that TriVium has proven interoperability with the NBX platform for both of its products -- SimpleRM(TM), which provides a customer relationship management (CRM) system for small to mid-sized organizations and contact centers that require its CRM solution to tightly integrate with their phone systems, and CallAnalyst(TM), which provides affordable, call activity reporting for 3Com's NBX phone system.
Founded in 1995, TriVium (TRY-vee-um) Systems provides cost effective, next generation Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and call management solutions that are critical for simplifying today's integrated world of telephones, computers and the Internet.
The Trivium Diodic Lens will cumulatively process both ambient and device-generated light resulting in brighter and easier-to-read displays.
Since the September 2000 release of SimpleRM, TriVium has acquired customers through a controlled sales effort.
We are pleased to partner with TriVium to provide growing businesses with a complete business solution integrating their phone system with call accounting features," said Michelle Barnes, vice president of marketing for Praxon.
In support of ALCOM projects and programs, Trivium Technologies plans to utilize the technical resources of ALCOM to test the Trivium Diodic Lens that is currently being developed.
TriVium will be demonstrating this new solution at its DCI CRM Conference Booth No.
Mathews Manaloor, CEO of TriVium Systems stated, "Maximizing a customer's total experience in today's market is more difficult than ever.
Call Management Reporting from TriVium for AltiServ(R) 4.