trouble maker

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Instead of waiting for a failure to occur and seeing how durable and resilient your platform is, Trouble Maker allows you to be proactive and make failure a use case of your platform.
In Larache, trouble makers stormed into the customs administration building where they looted quantities of drugs and alcohol that were seized by the aforementioned administration, Cherqaoui said.
DUNDALK have dished out stadium bans to a number of trouble makers within their own support.
But all it takes is a few trouble makers to spark trouble.
Chief Insp Tim Smith, of Gateshead area command, said: "The arrest figures show there is a minority of trouble makers who cause problems in the area and these are the people who can expect to be dealt with in a positive manner.
UP TO 2,500 potential British trouble makers will be subject to travel bans in a bid to keep them away from this year's European football championships in Portugal.
Strathclyde Police will have spotters travelling with fans to Holland and they will be looking to identify known trouble makers.
A POLICE officer was injured during disturbances yesterday which saw CS spray used to control trouble makers.
AMERICANS, who call themselves a superpower, are trouble makers in the world.
Eventually it died down as the trouble makers spilled outside into the street.
Town Commissioners in Cootehill, Co Cavan had suggested the cameras in a bid to curb vandalism and identify trouble makers.
Also, wouldn't you be worried if the trouble makers saw you texting?