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He said: "Because I was not involved for a long time some people said I was a troublemaker.
Sure, we were seen as troublemakers in some circles but we pressed on.
In 2000, Rodriguez founded Troublemaker Studios, an Austin, Texas based production facility of which he is co-owner and president.
com)-- According to Karen Keller International, "The office troublemaker is like a stapler, every business environment has them.
I nicknamed this adult Troublemaker," recalls Stefano.
Marked as a troublemaker and a runaway, she's been emotionally and physically abused.
These are disturbing charges, made all the more so by the fact that Hagar is no ill-informed troublemaker.
PETERHEAD ace Bobby Linn has told of his pain at being branded a troublemaker.
I wasn't so much of a troublemaker, just more of the rebellious streak where I had to find my own voice.
During the course of the book, Ferguson high-lights how a child becomes classified as a troublemaker and the impact of being labeled and disciplined as a troublemaker; she also examines the lack of actual teaching and cultural competency in the classroom and makes a case for the legitimization of Ebonics.
The troublemaker was all of humanity at that moment.
Your company can trash you in a reference check (there are subtle ways, all legal), and you'll have a hard time convincing prospective employers that you are not a troublemaker.