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3) Critics have commented on Scott's understanding of the indigenous as sufficiently "inferior" as to warrant their assimilation, although troublesomely so.
Since it links us to the past honorably as well as troublesomely, the general semantics principle of time-binding in the human community (Korybski, 2000; Bois, 1966) can enlighten us.
That doesn't mean the hard feelings and political disputes aren't deep and troublesomely real.
Troublesomely high transportation costs continue to be the status quo in the industry.
Given the narrator's earlier speculation about Montfort blood, it may perhaps be tempting to read Sampson's suspicions as troublesomely asserting Grace's true "identity" rather than as charting "the emergence of a new identity as a discursive event" (Scott 34).
The government's "dossier" (actually a PR handout, not a dossier, but we'll let that pass) on Iraq's troublesomely invisible weapons of mass destruction was, according to outraged civil servants, "sexed up"--that is, made to seem more interesting and urgent by means of exaggeration and by replacing conditional words with definite ones.