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The sorry performance of the capital market at the moment has been attributed to the fact that the foreign investors withdrew their IPOs once the crisis set in and, more troublingly, still do not seem interested in coming back.
More troublingly, the data demonstrate that rumors e-mailed to friends/family are more likely to be believed and shared with others and that these patterns of circulation and belief exhibit strong political biases.
The Brummie was troublingly out of sorts winning his last two fights against Young Mutley and Curtis Woodhouse.
She gave three different versions of what she did right after the alleged attack and showed that she was a troublingly convincing liar by telling a phony tale of a previous rape, prosecutors wrote.
Most troublingly, Philadelphia passed the most recent audit of its compliance with abuse prevention mandates with flying colors.
Unfortunately, teachers--both young and less so--are often left to negotiate these changes alone in workplaces that lack shared responsibility among teachers and management for teaching and learning and thus are troublingly slow to keep pace.
The effects and ethics of the film-maker's presence however--undoubtedly part of that process of globalization--remain troublingly unseen and unaddressed.
But one attribute she insists on throughout is troublingly vague and misplaced when invoked in the close readings: the American epic's transnational nature.
In the flotilla incident, as in previous episodes of this new phase in the war against Israel, we witnessed an alliance of radical leftists and Islamists who adopted the rhetoric of human rights and international law to advance a violent and illiberal cause; we saw the cynical use of the Palestinians as pawns in the larger struggle to destroy Israel; the irresponsible media, which is always quick to pass judgment against Israel before the facts are known and always loath to correct the record after the truth comes out; and, perhaps most troublingly, the curious lack of outrage in liberal quarters when the cause of humanitarianism is warped and perverted to serve inhumane ends.
Most troublingly, The Sense of Suffering is marred by careless proofreading and it is evident that an English language editor was needed on some of the essays.
But beyond knowing that the area is important to language production, "we still have been troublingly unable to pin it down," Sahin said.
But, as some of the articles in this issues featured "duster" make troublingly clear, the Web as delivery system and the Web as molder of minds may be two different things.