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However, Labour - who had a majority of just 103 votes at the general election in May - trounced the Lib Dems by 3558 votes.
Bapco had earlier secured their spot in the title-decider when they trounced Gulf Petrochemical Industries Company (GPIC) 6-0 in the other final four clash.
On primary election day, Riley trounced Moore, 67 percent to 33 percent.
But the Kofi Annan announcement Williamsen quoted contained a "killer sentence" that most TNA readers would have trounced upon, which Williamsen overlooked: "Our energy, our emphasis, and our anger is directed against illegal weapons, not legal ones.
Fernandez, president from 1996 to 2000, trounced outgoing President Hipolito Mejia in May 16 elections by promising a return to progress.
Commissioned to take on a Soviet juggernaut that has trounced all comers, Coach Herb Brooks (Russell) assembles a motley collection of independent-minded college players and begins forging a team to snatch the gold from the Russians.
This was a turnaround from the past few years when ITV trounced its rival.
While the game was a no-holds-barred, entertaining festive thriller, in no way were the Brummies trounced - in fact quite the reverse.
SHE may have trounced Posh Spice to the number one slot but now it sounds like Kylie Minogue is getting a bit broody.
Liston nailed the world heavyweight boxing crown in 1962 when he trounced Floyd Patterson in Chicago.
Male lobsters swaggering around tanks may preserve their pecking order by remembering who has already trounced them.