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But more importantly, they say, reducing truancy from a class C misdemeanor to a civil fine will drive school attendance rates down, and push up the drop-out rate.
POTENTIAL EXPLANATIONS FOR DIVERGENT TRUANCY & DROPOUT RATES The comparative truancy, chronic truancy and dropout data was compiled by the Illinois State Board of Education (ISBE) on Dropouts and Truants in Chicago and Illinois and up until 2012 was annually published on the ISBE website.
We want to see the students who have legitimate excuses for not being in school completely removed from the truancy court system.
In addition, efforts are being made to encourage the public to report truancy.
While truancy rates in primaries rose again this year, the levels in state secondaries dropped.
That led to a truancy sweep in May during school hours that rounded up about 90 teenagers, Montesdeoca said.
the proportion of school sessions missed through "unauthorised absence", which includes truancy, rose to 0.
Northumberland has the lowest persistent truancy, at 5.
The Solihull-wide drive to net absent pupils has been launched as part of a Government blitz on truancy which is running until Friday, March 23.
Fife took second spot in the truancy table, with 172,586 absences, and Glasgow schools were the third worst, with 152,008.
At 128 secondary schools with the highest truancy levels in Britain, a number of them in Birmingham, the Behaviour ImprovementProgramme has delivered a marked reduction in pupil truancy.
PC Breslin spoke out after it was revealed on Friday that national truancy figures were not falling as fast as they should be.