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It may also be worth seeing who he is truanting with.
I would say to anyone else who is thinking of truanting school just do not do it, it is not worth it.
He said: "I'm not sure it is going to have a major impact because if children are truanting they quite often will not be with their parents and it won't get to the core of the issue.
It might seem harsh, but it is what is needed to tackle the truanting crisis.
If this develops into regular truanting, it can critically hamper your future job and life prospects.
Steve Sinnott, general secretary of the National Union of Teachers, said: "The increase in the proportion of primary pupils truanting has to be nipped in the bud.
It should also be remembered that many of the children who may be truanting from school in another areamay actually come to Liverpool and therefore they will be picked up by our teams.
Nearly 3,000 pupils have been caught truanting in police sweeps across the West Midlands since they began in December 2002.
Our message to anyone even thinking about truanting is that we are out looking for you.
A mother who said she would rather go to prison than pay a court fine because of her truanting daughter has received mixed reactions from Echo readers.
Fixed penalty notices could be imposed by headteachers, police or council officers if children are caught truanting.
Society seems to be saying that we are more interested in punishing parents for the behaviour of their truanting children, than we are in finding new ways of supporting parents to bring about change in the behaviour of their children and in their relationship with education and teachers.