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Uncover reason for skipping school TRUANTING is more common when a child is not doing well at school or in particular subjects or when they spend time with peers who truant.
The proposals are designed to reinforce existing laws, which allow parents to be prosecuted by local authorities, and provide a more immediate response to the problem of truanting.
Schools Minister Jacqui Smith said yesterday: "Parents have a vital role to play and we hope that those who condone their children truanting from school will be dissuaded by new fines.
A Northumberland County Council spokesman said its tough stance on truanting was part of the reason the recorded figures were rising.
Of these, 23 gave a valid reason for being absent from school and only one was found to be truanting.
Wirral also has a project called Konnecta bus in which social workers, the youth service, neighbourhood wardens and housing officers work together to reduce truanting by targeting particular areasBlitz launchedWARRINGTON is to launch a blitz on truancy this week.
Another teenager was also found truanting but it was too late in the day to return him in time for lessons.
The Government today defended plans to charge parents of truanting children on-the-spot fines of up to pounds 100.
Acting Inspector Mal Lewis said: ``The aim of the exercise was to reduce annoyance from truanting youngsters in the city centre.
All explanations will be checked with the school and those youngsters who are truanting will be returned to the school and letters will be sent to parents.
But on any weekday, about 50,000 children are truanting across the country and most schools do not have the time or resources to undertake first- day contact.
Police working in the community safety bureau at Little Park Street station believe the message on truanting is getting home.