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TRUCE, intern. law. An agreement between belligerent parties, by which they mutually engage to forbear all acts of hostility against each other for some time, the war still continuing. Burlamaqui's N. & P. Law, part 4, c. 11, Sec. 1.
     2. Truces are of several kinds: general, extending to all the territories and dominions of both parties; and particular, restrained to particular places; as, for example, by sea, and not by land, &c. Id. part 4, c. 11, Sec. 5. They are also absolute, indeterminate and general; or limited and determined to certain things, for example, to bury the dead. Ib. idem. Vide 1 Kent, Com. 159; Com. Dig. Admiralty, E 8; Bac. Ab.;Prerogative, D 4; League; Peace; War.

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Financier : United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS),United Nations Truce Supervision Organization (UNTSO),
BEIRUT: Guns fell silent in the Syrian town of Zabadani and two Shiite villages to the north Sunday, as rebels and pro-Syrian regime forces began talks for a six-month truce, security and rebel sources said.
In a statement, Secretary General Ban Ki-moon said that he urged the Huthi militias and forces loyal to them to give consent and commitment to the humanitarian truce for the good of all Yemenis, stressing that the high toll of civilian casualties makes the commitment to this truce and the possibility of extending it two necessary matters.
Hamas leader Khalil al-Haya said: "Talks on a truce depend on the public opinion.
The UN envoy to Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed called for an extension of the truce, "I call on all parties to renew their commitment to this truce for five more days at least," Ahmed said the Riyadh Conference.
The good work of our volunteers has ensured anyone wishing to find out the truth of the 1914 truce can do so quite easily.
The story of the Christmas Truce is a popular holiday story in Europe, highlighting a moment of hope in a dark and dreary war.
There was never any truce between the French and the Germans
However, it is still easy to understand that either side would want to record the first kill after the truce, and there are reports of Germans warning Allied soldiers to "keep their heads down" because a visiting senior officer meant they would have to start firing again.
The s tamp and c oin cover, which costs [pounds sterling]35, features a rare Christmas Day postmark and includes an Isle of Man Treasury Christmas Day Truce Crown which is legal tender.
The free event, on Saturday, December 20, which takes places in Cathedral Green, at Birmingham Cathedral, will commemorate the truce of 1914, when British and German soldiers temporarily stopped fighting to celebrate Christmas together.
A CEREMONY to remember the World War One truce on Christmas Eve has been marked in Belgium.