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Truckles of black and red berry fruits, some spice and a mouth-watering juicy burst of acidity.
Barwheys sold their first truckles of gourmet cheddar in 2010 and nearly four years later, the cheese is served in Michelin-starred restaurants such as Castle Terrace in Edinburgh and Braidwoods in Ayrshire, as well as five-star hotels, Gleneagles and Turnberry.
The Wensleydale Creamery, maker of the renowned Yorkshire Wensleydale cheese, secured its long-standing licence deal with The Copyrights Group, Snowman Enterprises and Channel 4, allowing the Dales-based cheese-maker to produce miniature character shaped waxed cheese truckles bearing the famous illustrations of Raymond Briggs' Christmas characters.
Smaller truckles are laid out in trays, maturing and ready to be waxed and packaged for Christmas Day tables in Worcestershire and further afield.
Available in extra mature cheddar and Wensleydale & Cranberry, the heart-shaped truckles are encased in red wax and retail at[pounds sterling]1.
You can also get Deluxe Blended Cheese Truckles (pounds 1.
49 for 500g, while the Deluxe Blended Cheese Truckles are great at just pounds 1.
He smiles, truckles, fingers his head in mock-confusion, and prepares to bite (like the fly for which he is named) with words of betrayal at the proper instant.
Staged in the shadow of Caerphilly Castle, the festival, now in its 16th year, was expected to draw more than 80,000 people and included a funfair, live re-enactment, comedy and a cheese race - in which groups of four carried truckles of cheese on a course around the castle.
Customers can 'discover the true taste of Yorkshire' with fabulous hampers, full of their favourite cheeses together with the finest accompaniments, exclusive cheese boxes which arc hand selected and freshly cut by its deli team or delightful miniature waxed cheese truckles, all of which can be ordered direct.
The Great British Food Revival takes Glynn to Yeovil in Somerset, to meet James Montgomery who is using unpasteurised milk to make Cheddar with a complex flavour, with truckles that are left to mature for at least 12 months.