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Nor is the truculence of local associations in sabotaging a party leadership's best-laid plans.
During his 22 years in power, Jammeh's truculence on certain matters (domestic and international) had made him a marked man in the eyes of powerful outside forces that wanted him out.
And anyone, as Bordewich says, who imagined that the First Congress would behave like a "solemn conclave of classical philosophers rather than politicians" would soon be disabused by the roaring tirades of Georgia's James Jackson, by the pointless truculence of Elbridge Gerry, or by George Washington's coldly furious determination, when the Senate refused to endorse his negotiations with the Creeks, that "he would be damned if ever he went there again.
Il evoque chacun a travers une anecdote, un souvenir d'enfance savoureux qui restitue la truculence de l'un ou l'excentricite de l'autre.
Even the runs he scored had an element of truculence about them.
Its use became regarded as a sign of uncivility, ignorance, truculence, and superstition.
Coincidentally (or maybe not) it was just about that time the USCIS suddenly began to demonstrate a newfound truculence in its dealings with L-1 visa applicants, leading some to speculate that economic recession may have triggered protectionist impulses inside the immigration establishment.
I think the younger Binay's truculence in the face of the Ombudsman's order was a mistake, costing the Vice President precious support.
Nigel Pearson Award for Truculence TIM Sherwood explaining why he turned the Albion job down at the very, very last minute last summer after getting the nod to replace Pepe Mel: "Good little club, isn't it?
Iran's nuclear truculence was resulting in debilitating sanctions and a severe economic crisis.
Khamenei has preferred the conciliation of Rouhani to the unpredictability and truculence of his predecessor Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and he will have no wish for the Assembly of Experts election to become too heated.