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His aptitude for Epsom has, understandably, since been questioned following those acts of truculence, but, unlike a number of his Derby rivals, TODAY'S TIPS EPSOM: 1.
The government's truculence over not yielding to the demand for a JPC probe strengthens the perception that it has something to hide.
Like most bullies who suddenly see justice approaching, IsraelAEs government alternates among bluster, truculence and threats, still expecting good old Uncle Samudoting, very strong, and not very bright at alluto intercede at the first and last moments alike.
Other issues, of which there were many, offered more tangible complications: desktop software incompatibility, incorrect billings, printer delays and errors, budget and franking accounts, subscriber complaints, draconian post office edicts, confused labeling, library subscriptions--each and all received due frowns and consideration, and Bob grumbled over them with his usual contradictory mix of amusement, aggravation, insight, resignation, and downright truculence.
Locked up somewhere behind all that truculence I'm certain there is a good, decent man.
116) Meissonier's truculence inevitably created enemies, perhaps never more dramatically than when, as a member of the Salon jury for 1872, he made an issue of Courbet's participation in the short-lived Paris Commune and demanded that he be denied the right to exhibit.
If he did, Fitzie would almost certainly have identified with Lang's machismo or admired his truculence and staying power, as well as his capacity for visceral hatred.
Truculence, particularly when they're condescended to by the English, is one of them.
We are all aware of the subject's faults--a proclivity for extremism, boastful truculence, impatience with debate, distaste for intellectual exchanges, reckless decision making, blind loyalty to his subordinates, and a host of other less-than-winning characteristics.
Thus the nature of the regime itself commits it to a pattern of intransigence, interference, and truculence.
But I think somebody has to state an alternative to the policy of rather permanent truculence that we are following at this point, encouraged by the Israeli government of the day.
Some have found in Heaviside a level of passion or maybe just energy, beyond the truculence already prevailing among the different camps in those days.