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They were all young and some of them seemed to make a protest by their hair and dress, and something somber and truculent in the expression of their faces, against the more normal type, who would have passed unnoticed in an omnibus or an underground railway.
If he came too close to a she with a young baby, the former would bare her great fighting fangs and growl ominously, and occasionally a truculent young bull would snarl a warning if Tarzan approached while the former was eating.
He skipped nimbly out of reach of each threatening female--for such is the way of apes, if they be not in one of their occasional fits of bestial rage--and he growled back at the truculent young bulls, baring his canine teeth even as they.
Rokoff assumed a truculent air, attempting by bravado to show how little he feared Tarzan's threats.
In court he presented rather a formidable appearance with his truculent chin, his straight, firm mouth, and his commanding presence.
Jones was a slender, mop-headed, man-grown, truculent flame of an individual who seemed to go out of his way to insult his passengers.
Martin came back and looked at the beady eyes, sneering, truculent, cowardly, and there leaped into his vision, as on a screen, the same eyes when their owner was making a sale in the store below - subservient eyes, smug, and oily, and flattering.
Davis, with another glance at the truculent Jackson, wavered.
Sometimes, by herself, she would all but weep with joy at recollection of his way of informing some truculent male that he was standing on his foot.
There are faces too--faces dark, truculent, and smiling; the frank audacious faces of men barefooted, well armed and noiseless.
His judgment, perhaps, had been momentarily obscured by his dread of Mr Vladimir's truculent folly.
So here's a do's and don't's guide to what to see and do to keep both those truculent teens and mum and dad happy.