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Berlusconi, mired in scandals and fading in approval ratings, responded truculently to public pressure from French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Merkel at an EU meeting on Sunday, saying that no one could teach Italy lessons.
This is the case, for example, of the inappropriate pressure for standardization of corporate processes applied by North American organizations in Japan, where processes and local dynamics are artificially and truculently despised in favor of Western standards that may not be superior and, in terms of the local context, are certainly not localized.
He prances or swims triumphantly back to the boss, head held high while truculently tossing the subdued goose this way and that.
It's what she's there for," he responds truculently pointing to Nic, having reached that difficult age when public displays of affection are unacceptable.
In later poems, such as 'The Mayo Accent' he truculently attempts at times to turn the tables to question the father's authenticity:
Belluschi, by contrast, confected a truculently windowless monolith that did daily battle with the urban logic of Upper Broadway.
From 1947 on, the poet was--against the odds seeking to affirm their "relationship" through epistles to Cassady that were, it seems (though we have none of the replies), truculently or abruptly answered.
13) In this reading, we go from the narrator seeing the many yellow stars/mulattos, which testify to centuries of white men forcing themselves upon black women, and bemoaning this history of mass rape, to the white father/rapist truculently asserting that it is his, and other white men's, prerogative to have non-consensual sex with black women: their bodies are merely objects/toys for white male sexual pleasure.
Though Cyril willingly and enthusiastically positions himself within broader historical narratives, the bulk of the film shows him for the most part truculently reluctant to engage with more local, intimate stories.
Like a herd, the whole hundred or more of us trudged truculently to the other carousel, which with a reassuring warning blare came suddenly to life.
The first time I think that I actually had a conversation with Elgar was at a performance of his Cello Concerto when he approached me rather truculently and said 'I am surprised, Dr Vaughan Williams, that you care to listen to this vulgar stuff'.
Only an uningratiating 1875 self-portrait of the barrel-chested painter glowering truculently against a background of pink wallpaper recalls the smoldering anxiety of the earlier works.