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I'm an expert at Trudging Around In A Lot Of Mud now, having started Trudging Around In A Lot Of Mud at 6.
the players trudging off after losing 2-1 to Sheffield United last January, when I realised would probably never live up to expectations.
She is simply minding her own business, trudging out to get the water, the sustenance, she needs at the well.
Children happily trudging five miles to school and then trudging equally happily homewards after seven hours of lessons.
I just had a mental picture of this huge African elephant trudging solidly over the Crimea to reach your grandmother's house in Dorvil Street.
Now the agency is trudging once more through the process, essentially re-proposing the same maps while echoing Pombo's claims.
Most women spend two-and-a-half hours browsing the clothes rack each week, burning an estimated 193 calories per trip - which adds up to 133 miles a year, the equivalent of trudging from London to Nottingham.
You know, players trudging round the ground at the conclusion of their last home match.
Damon and Affleck: walking, traipsing, trudging, stopping, building a fire, resting, regrouping, walking some more.
Nick doesn't run away from home--he walks away, trudging halfway across the state to stay with his flighty but caring Aunt Wanda.
Still, it's worth trudging through these passages for insights into a history unknown to most Americans.
BABE HERMAN, after falling down on a ball hit straight at him, scrambling to his feet, trying to pick up the ball, fumbling it again, kicking it around some more, finally picking it up and throwing it home -- right over the backstop, upon trudging into the clubhouse and being asked, "What happened out there, Babe?