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The movie is inspired by a true incident which happened on 11th June 2011 in India, when J Dey a crime journalist was murdered.
Another popular destination is the Kinkaku-ji Temple, also called the Golden Pavilion, one of the most famous temples in Japan and the setting for Mishima Yukio's The Temple of the Golden Pavilion, which is based on a true incident of a monk setting fire to the temple in 1950.
With frightening precision, author Jean Teule's novelization of a true incident faithfully reconstructs each step of one of the most shameful stories in the history of nineteenth-century France.
Model turned actor Bhat, who stars in the movie, explained to the viewers, "The beautiful thing about this movie is that it is made how it was supposed to be made as it is based on a true incident.
show is also not based on one true incident or event, according to reports.
Her husband got the idea after reading an article about the true incident.
The added value for customers is that SecureState will identify and verify incidents, as well as follow a true incident response methodology to remediate any issues.
The novel revolves around a true incident in the 1890s when Clarence's inmates used a visit by the Bishop of Shrewsbury as a diversion to set fire to the ship and escape.
And, given that the print and visual media compete with each other to come up with a scoop, it's possible that even a true incident will be difficult to sell.
Mukhtar Ahmed Ranjha declared that it was a true incident, and appreciated the bravery and performance of these NH&MP officers.
Whiskey Galore (PG) Alexander Mackendrick's classic droll 1949 Ealing comedy as, inspired by a true incident, Hebridean islanders seek to bamboozle customs and excise when 50,0 cases of whisky are shipwrecked on their shore.
The series proved so successful that 2006 saw a spin-off movie, "Valley of the Wolves: Iraq", based on a true incident in 2003 when US soldiers arrested and hooded 11 Turkish soldiers operating in northern Iraq, sparking an uproar in Turkey.