true to form

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As a result, companies are looking for stable, well-established tools that can perform true to form," said Wanda Meloni, Principal Analyst, M2 Research.
Well, I see that the Democrats are once again acting true to form.
True to form, the irreverent writer dubbed the amazing new clotbuster "Drano for the Braino.
The firm, true to form, didn't even bother to reply.
And Johnson, true to form, gives no clear-cut answer.
TRUE to form, Sir Richard Branson is already meeting the high hopes for the way he will run the Lottery.
True to form, the release was written entirely in Welsh.
Once again, Henninger's team was true to form," stated Kelly.
It is impossible to know, of course, because, true to form, the 166 Tory MPs lied about who they were going to vote for.
But China Wave, true to form when it comes to great variety, doesn't stop at these two lettuce cups.
True to form, however, Murphy plays a young woman in ``Sidewalks'' who's trapped in an emotionally trying affair with a much older married man, portrayed by Stanley Tucci.
Chapter three shows him seeking temporary refuge in these cities for the remainder of that year; true to form he managed to flee the first with the mistress of a Contarini and in the second nearly get himself killed by the latter's bravi.