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Plus, the seeds they produce are generally worthless for replanting (they will not grow true to type, if they are not sterile), forcing growers to repurchase the seeds annually.
It's taken a while, but IBM Corp is finally going public with its business performance management strategy and, true to type, the company is leading with a middleware and process integration approach that draws in its substantial partner community.
We (my wife, Naomi, and three girls, Mary [5], Ruth [3], and Miriam [5 months], and I) are working to develop two strains of broiler chickens which will be able to reproduce true to type.
Jacques Boncoeur NV Brut is utterly true to type, a satisfying, food-friendly mouthful and excellent value at PS21.
True to type, national selector Geoff Miller was giving nothing away.
Five nurseries in public sector and 53 in private sector have been established that provide true to type plants for future needs, Iftikhar Ahmed said, adding more than one hundred thousand cuttings have been planted in nurseries.
Our advantage, however, is that animals tend to be true to type.
Expert tip: To grow plants true to type, sow a named variety in June and they will flower prolifically the next year.
Plants which have been bred selectively for generations so that they are always true to type from seed, however, tend to lose their vigour.
But true to type, Swann could not resist a shrug with his opening one-liner when asked whether he thinks Australia's batsmen will have been taking note of his hard-earned success at the WACA.
True to type, the boys' category is packed with battling and cars, with plenty of TV and film-inspired toys, including a Ben 10 Action Cruiser (pounds 29.
It has also provided the commercial apple industry with thousands of pieces of wood for grafting every springtime and budding every summer to help keep the original variety true to type.