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The poem has almost nothing to do with either piece, except in whatever small ways it honors those complex impulses that Beuys and Huang immerse us in, the trueness of their improvisations.
Then he was watching the bridge again in the sudden short trueness of the little light that would be left, and studying its construction.
purity, strain trueness, viable numbers, the degree of infectivity, and level of contaminants (Abbott and Robson 1982; Kennedy et al.
High end and highly desired sight features on the LE include a mounting bar Mathews Harmonic Dampener to eliminate excessive noise, third axis adjustments to assure pins are aligned properly vertically and a standard bubble level for horizontal trueness.
Accuracy and trueness * Reagent blank and * Mean blank value * Independent method reference material substracted from may have biases using candidate mean analyte value of its own, hence method.
Granted, there is a trueness of voice in those who have experienced first-hand the hours of relentless boredom punctuated by moments of abject terror that is combat, or law enforcement, lot that matter.
The entries were judged on the basis of commercial excellence and trueness to style.
Trueness, so essential for masculinity, did not completely lack meaning for premodern femininity.
When the sessions were tight with real- true-to-life skateboarders, the things they all had in common signified the trueness of the breed.
Primmy isn't as much a 'wearing the-pants' tough girl as Lin was -- but I admire her in the same way that I admired Lin for her principles and her trueness to herself.
Dragging Neil down to our level (he shot a three-over 75), on a bright, windless day, with holding greens of billiard-table trueness, our best-two-per-hole tally amounted to nine over par - the next worst was five under .