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What is at issue here is of course a politics of representation--and (apart from the truistic sense in which all politics is representational) it is crucial to remember that this is only one of the political dimensions of the casus of 9/11: it brought about one war and is now being used in partial justification of another; it has restructured relations between the West and Islam.
1) Thirty years ago it would have been merely truistic to call attention to the marxist origins of the new proto-discipline, but those origins have been progressively occluded in most subsequent histories, especially those centred on categories such as 'culturalism', 'structuralism' and 'post-structuralism', which powerfully inform the collective wisdom and pedagogical strategies of the (proto) discipline.
What I resolutely oppose is an unreflected resentment that offers no prospect for creativity or initiative, and contents itself with truistic descriptions of a necessarily inconsistent world.
It is also of almost truistic proportions that clients tend to want everything yesterday.
For me, the occasionally truistic nature of some essays' generalizations corresponds to somewhat delimited critical and theoretical frames of reference.
It would truistic to point out that the DVD, with its supplementary platforms, provides exactly both these things.
the lizard feeds / without conscience // beautiful things fold / across his appetite" ("Tanja Poem"), which, freed from its truistic second line, would make a fine haiku.
However, and this seems truistic, insofar as the individual fails to use these canons adequately, the efficacy of his criticism in self- and social adjustments is impaired.
They further maintained that because the equation is an accounting identity--and with its velocity term defined as V = PT/M a tautological, or truistic, one at that--accurate measurement of its constituent variables could result in no disparity between the predicted and actual price levels that constituted the opposite sides of the equation.
Also, from a truistic perspective, all asset-backed issuance represents the repackaging of financial assets.
It has some nice, if truistic, moral lessons (it's odd that born-again types have not sniped at the movie for moral relativism), but is any of it truly outstanding?
In a somewhat truistic version of the point, Martin Pops argues that the retention of feces is an attempt to escape time: "Peristalsis is a process in time.