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In Mumbai, he will oversee a 78-story Trump Tower with 400 residences, which is under construction and is scheduled to be completed by next year.
com/story/opinion/2017/11/16/who-pays-trumps-contempt-ethics-usa-editorials-debates/676193001/) wrote in November that "lobbyists, corporations, foreign investors or anyone else looking to curry favor with Trump can go the direct route.
Perry was also a reliable surrogate for Trump in Texas, appearing at many of Trump's fundraisers in the state.
The relative stability in Trump's favorable percentage -- ranging between 54% and 61% -- shows that his supporters are fairly locked into their support and are not dramatically affected by what Trump says or does, or by what the media and rival candidates say about him.
The serrated contous of the Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue, Trump informs us, is not some avant-garde architectural conceit, but a means of maximizing windowed walls so he can charge even more for apartments.
Trump has used tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to subsidize numerous trips to his properties in 2017.
Texas Republicans, even those fully behind Trump, say they get it.
The company is run by the president's two sons Donald Trump Jr.
Trump was expected to spend less time in the safely Republican state than he has during past visits, with a rally planned Tuesday evening in battleground Florida.
Trump Mortgage, LLC, the country's fastest growing commercial and residential mortgage financing company, announced that it is accredited and has acquired mortgage licenses in fifteen states.