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Call the first witness,' said the King; and the White Rabbit blew three blasts on the trumpet, and called out, `First witness
If our trumpeter can borrow a note from the doomsday trumpet blast, let him sound it now.
Therefore let the trumpet, if possible, split its brazen throat with a louder note than ever, and the herald summon all mortals, who, from whatever cause, have lost, or never found, their proper places in the wold.
When they came to any town or village, or even to a detached house of good appearance, Short blew a blast upon the brazen trumpet and carolled a fragment of a song in that hilarious tone common to Punches and their consorts.
The child was at first quite terrified by the sight of these gaunt giants--for such they looked as they advanced with lofty strides beneath the shadow of the trees--but Short, telling her there was nothing to fear, blew a blast upon the trumpet, which was answered by a cheerful shout.
After lingering at the finger-post for a few minutes to see the stilts frisking away in the moonlight and the bearer of the drum toiling slowly after them, he blew a few notes upon the trumpet as a parting salute, and hastened with all speed to follow Mr Codlin.
The fifth chapter differs from the others in that it does not provide performance tips: instead it focuses on explaining technical aspects of the Renaissance, baroque, and English slide trumpets.
The 25 Year 4 children will be playing trumpets to accompany songs.
In addition to our Antipodean present, we are going to sow morning glory, with its big blue trumpets, and Cobaea scandens, the cup and saucer vine.
Basically, the song is about being in love with someone that the sound of trumpets can be heard (in the head) every time the couple is together.
So, he examined hundreds of works for violin, oboe, flute, cello and singers, and decided to transcribe those concertos and arias for various kinds of trumpets.
He presented two Trumpets and Trumpet Banners to the Bodyguard: one Banner carried the Crest of the Star of India, emblazoned with the Battle Honours of the Corps and the other carried the coat of Arms of the Viceroy.