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Following [7] we first use (A1) and (A3) to estimate the truncation error difference (2) between grids [[OMEGA].
Newgen's Image based Check Clearing System or Check Truncation System reduces the time taken to clear the checks by using the check image instead of the physical check for clearing.
Today, check truncation can occur only by agreement of the depository institutions involved, said Ferguson.
Panini will also showcase their world-class check truncation multi-format hardware solutions including the Panini Vision X([R]) MFS, wI:Deal([TM]) and I:Deal([TM]).
Banks and retailers are stepping up investments in check conversion and truncation.
Point of sale" truncation will not work at apartment buildings since "point of sale" rules dictate the payer has to be present at the time of truncation.
Panini recently added ultraviolet (UV) light scanning capabilities to its market-leading Vision X([R]) check scanning platform in response to check truncation initiatives in several markets.
Building on that success, we've chartered the SIG to look over the horizon to establish and prioritize FSTC's long-term agenda for action in check imaging and truncation.
TORINO, Italy -- In response to check truncation initiatives in India and other emerging markets, Panini, a global payments processing technology provider, has added ultraviolet (UV) light scanning capabilities to its market-leading Vision X([R]) cheque scanning platform.
All checks are eligible for truncation as long as the check can either be processed electronically or reconverted to an IRD.
The Federal Reserve Board has developed a draft Federal law, the proposed Check Truncation Act (Check 21) that would remove certain legal impediments to check truncation (i.