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London's first professional policemen, the Bow Street Runners, founded in 1749 by Westminster magistrate Henry Fielding , served writs and arrested criminals and would have carried tipstaves and truncheons, but the former were superseded in 1829, when a Bill introduced by Sir Robert Peel, the Home Secretary in Lord Liverpool's Tory Cabinet, established the Metropolitan Police Force.
which stands for the Shropshire and Worcester Canal Company (PS100-PS120), while a George V truncheon with a coloured transfer of a crown, royal monogram and a cartouche which reads "Birmingham Special Constabulary 1916-1919" is among a group of four estimated together at PS200-PS250.
Nacional goalkeeper Bava spent the night in the cells for his antics, which he claimed were provoked by a policeman hitting him with a truncheon.
When the cops down truncheons, you know dntt discontent has reached new depths.
The protesters, angry that the military remain in charge of the country, have shown videos and photos of police savagely beating young men and women to the ground with sticks and truncheons.
This is only the last case of the series of cases that show that students go to schools with weapons and walk the streets, adds Eftoski stressing that the students carry other weapons, especially knives, metal truncheons in their backpacks.
Tunisian security forces used teargas and truncheons on Monday to disperse a crowd of protesters in the capital demanding the government step down for failing to prosecute supporters of the ousted president.
Summary: Spanish police fired rubber bullets and swung truncheons to disperse anti-crisis protesters in a Barcelona square Friday after cleaning crews cleared their tent camp.
He first became interested in truncheons as a spin-off from collecting insurance fire marks.
Germany: German police said Sunday they used dogs and truncheons to break up violent clashes between the Hells Angels and a rival biker gang in the northern city of Bremen and detained 52 suspects.
MORE than 30 antique police truncheons will be sold in today's Anderson & Garland auction.