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Encompassing 150 implants, the Posterior Spine Truss System affords surgeons a wide range of options that provide an optimal match for each patient's unique anatomy.
Just on the line of this truss the parallel order of roof structures meets the radial one.
Fencehouse Truss has manufactured roof trusses for house builders including Taylor Wimpey as well as working on major projects for Manchester and Birmingham Airports and hospice sites for Marie Curie Cancer Care.
Owner Jack Louws said the move enables Louws Truss to better serve its changing clientele.
Using of FEM method for truss beams analysis becomes inevitable.
Truss knows nothing about any of the sports she covers; her perspective is unique and funny, littered with literary asides and wry ripostes.
Association chairman David Hills said members had voted to back Ms Truss as a candidate at the general election.
But it still took a rousing speech from departing MP Christopher Fraser to save Ms Truss, 34.
CONSERVATIVE activists last night decided not to deselect general election candidate Elizabeth Truss following a row over her extra-marital affair.
A WHITE cop accused of making a racist slur about a black man who drowned in a river is being investigated PC Phil Truss, 48, is alleged to have made the shocking remark in a police station while officers were looking into the death.