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It is most likely that China and Russia may not support the joint AU-UN trusteeship or intervention in South Sudan as that may have far reaching implications such as the current crisis in Ukraine.
On July 22, 2013, Doug allegedly caused the UBC to impose an improper trusteeship on the SWRCC, removing Mike from his elected position, and allegedly placed a de facto trusteeship over Local 1506.
When UHW opposed the renewed Alliance agreement on the grounds that it "prevents workers from engaging in struggle to improve their working conditions," adversely affects "out mission and goal to advance and defend the interests of out members" and comes too close to being a "company union," Stern threatened to place UHW in trusteeship.
official even recommended Washington withhold giving administrative rights over the islands to Japan as it would entail a "great loss of face" for Taiwan, but the islets were returned to Japan since they were part of the area administered by Japan when the United States placed them under trusteeship.
Trusteeship is a concept equally applicable to many other areas of concern to humanity.
Iraq's financial funds are under UN trusteeship, according to UN's Article 7," Dr.
In 1792, an act passed by the State of New York reorganized this tribe as a trusteeship.
Chairman of the Trusteeship of the Central Cooperative Bank Demetris Stavrou said the adverse consequences of the global financial crisis were affecting the Cypriot economy and the cooperative movement, and assured that the Bank was implementing policies to overcome the difficulties.
The idea and contemporary practice of trusteeship have been criticized by such scholars as William Bain and Robert Jackson, who argue that trusteeships inevitably violate key principles of international society.
A Since joining the United Nations in March 1981, Zerihoun has worked on special political questions in different capacities and areas, including decolonisation, trusteeship, conflict prevention and resolution, peacemaking and peacebuilding.
The mission of Leadership Huntington is to achieve positive change in the community by engaging a broad range of citizens to embrace community trusteeship, and to enhance their leadership capacities around current community challenges.
One of the most compelling arguments is to draw on an old legal institution: international trusteeship by the United Nations (U.