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TRUSTER. He who creates a trust. A convenient term used in the laws of Scotland. 1 Bell's Com. 321, 6th ed.

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Therefore, a truster may be disappointed even though we have done all we could to care for the object of trust.
Truster was tested on President Clinton by feeding his responses to questions about Monica Lewinsky through the programme.
If a knower service cannot make profits selling to trusters, instead it sells to promisers.
The prospect of Truster or similar programs installed on thousands of home and business PCs, however, worries traditional polygraph specialists.
Power & Associates were each asked to submit to a short examination over the telephone in which their responses to several questions would be analyzed by Truster for the sort of stress associated with deception.
Considering the events in the past weeks, we have decided to approach certain law enforcement agencies with our Truster lie detector program.
In "Sex, Lies and Audiotape," radio hosts Garry Meier and Roe Conn (personalities heard on WLS-FM Chicago) are joined by Truster analyst Dean Mauro, and as they put controversial notables to the Truster test.
was left to Brain Trusters and progressive politicians with little input
Roosevelt's brain trusters on the left to Catholic corporatists on the right, Americans considered him a social reformer.
2) We also illustrate that self-interest-based trust stems from the calculations of trusters using available information in the market about trustees.
That purpose is to formalise the conversion of all us form students, pin-stickers and wild-stabbers, all us trusters in the reality of the