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Moreover, they fly trustingly toward their destination, as if
They responded strongly and trustingly in God Almighty to the evil people who want us evil, but, thank God, we secured this country and all its interests.
How galling that so much money trustingly given in donations is being swallowed up in this way.
Trustingly, Alyss/Alice tells Dodgson of her adventures in Wonderland and asks him to write them up for her as a memoir; later, when a plagiarizing Dodgson publishes her Wonderland experiences under his own name as a children's fantasy, it causes a permanent rift between the erstwhile friends.
For the vast majority of patients, the answer is simple: your lack of knowledge about options will mean that you trustingly agree to have the surgery.
It is an extreme view, she knows, but she is nevertheless prepared to make the analogy: novelist is to reader as rapist is to victim; to the degree that readers open themselves trustingly to a novel's representations, they risk a violation for which mind and body are inseparable.
True leaders lead consistently, consciously, and cautiously because they know that everything that is done, can and will be duplicated, but, trustingly, not to the detriment of others.
Many who have faithfully and trustingly paid into their company schemes are now finding their retirement income falling far short of expectations.
Autobiographers trustingly share their selves and lives with readers; the fact that so many of these texts contain family snapshots and photos taken with friends and colleagues confirms this point.
Yigal Schwartz, contra Holtzman, believes that Levi's text performs a trustingly moral duty (1992:125).
They also practice open communication and expect their research staff to talk trustingly among themselves about new ideas.