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The timid little beauty promises in all earnestness to be trustworthy.
You really think, then," he began earnestly, and with a desire for trustworthy information--"you really think that--" But he paused again.
Several Americans long resident in Constantinople contend that most Turks are pretty trustworthy, but few claim that the Greeks have any virtues that a man can discover--at least without a fire assay.
It was necessary that they should be thoroughly trustworthy and brave men, as in a business of this sort our lives might depend upon their conduct.
I recognised my friend's limited vocabulary, and I prepared to regard Captain Nichols as a trustworthy witness.
He wanted everything to seem easy and natural and correct, to present himself as a trustworthy and understandable Englishman in a sound mediocre position, to whom refreshment and accommodation might be given with freedom and confidence.
Conceive the glory, which was my mother's, of knowing from a trustworthy source that there are at least three better awaiting you on the same shelf.
However, I was able to employ a very trustworthy man to take charge of the caravan--the same guide, in fact, who had accompanied me on the previous trip into the Sahara--and after writing a long letter to Innes in which I gave him my American address, I saw the expedition head south.
These two premises accepted there could be little doubt that Schneider would prove trustworthy in so far as accepting the command of the Cowrie was concerned; after that Kai Shang knew that he could find means to coerce the man into submission to his further wishes.
He spent the hours until dark wandering about the market in company with a youthful Arab, one Abdul, who had been recommended to him by the innkeeper as a trustworthy servant and interpreter.
I sometimes wonder whether he would be as trustworthy in the big things.
I can assure you that I am a perfectly trustworthy person.