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When the truth-telling accents of the elderly gentleman were hushed, I drew a long breath and looked round the room, striving, with the best energy of my imagination, to throw a tinge of romance and historic grandeur over the realities of the scene.
I heard thy talk in the Wonder House of all those new strange places in the Hills, and if one so old and so little - so used to truth-telling - may go out for the small matter of a river, it seemed to me that I too must go a-travelling.
For honesty, truth-telling fairness, was Mary's reigning virtue: she neither tried to create illusions, nor indulged in them for her own behoof, and when she was in a good mood she had humor enough in her to laugh at herself.
John Barleycorn was on a truth-telling rampage, giving away the choicest secrets on himself.
If he'll only turn out a brave, helpful, truth-telling Englishman, and a gentleman, and a Christian, that's all I want," thought the Squire; and upon this view of the case he framed his last words of advice to Tom, which were well enough suited to his purpose.
Why wasn't this attention given to a properly conducted, truth-telling campaign encouraging us to volunteer to become donors, before taking the course of legislative arm-twisting?
I will show that truth-telling is then the optimal strategy.
Most of the time when people lie," they say, "they will be departing from a truth-telling context.
The bottom line is that punishment does not promote truth-telling," says Victoria Talwar, the lead researcher on the study.
has mandated truth-seeking, truth-telling and reconciliation measures in other nations where atrocities are presumed to have occurred but has not done so within its own borders.
Rosemary's steadfast and courageous truth-telling uncovered the historical roots of women's subjugation in the church--a rigorous task that recovered women's agency.
Here, thirteen artists and collaboratives (including Taryn Simon, Harun Farocki, Kerry Tribe, Jenny Holzer, and Trevor Paglen), exploiting the Freedom of Information Act, government archives, and "insider connections," respond to the US government's cloud of unknowing via strategies ranging from evidence-driven truth-telling to critical modes that mirror the state's artfully constructed ambiguities.