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Some of them - but I have not yet found a Red Hat's charm for making him overly truthful.
She understood very well, but she no longer wished to be absolutely truthful.
Some few of us are honest, comparatively speaking; and some, fewer still, may possibly be truthful.
He is an honourable, obstinate, truthful, high-spirited, intensely prejudiced, perfectly unreasonable man.
The pious atmosphere of the vicarage and the religious tone of the school had made Philip's conscience very sensitive; he absorbed insensibly the feeling about him that the Tempter was ever on the watch to gain his immortal soul; and though he was not more truthful than most boys he never told a lie without suffering from remorse.
I think the 'Marta y Maria' one of the most truthful and profound fictions I have read, and 'Maximina' one of the most pathetic, and
My wife says I'm the laziest man in all Oz, and she is a truthful woman.
I can assure you that he is a most truthful and conscientious young man.
He was remarkably truthful, and was neither dissipated nor addicted to drink.
On this the truthful Traveler thought to himself, "If so great a reward be given for a lie, with what gift may not I be rewarded, if, according to my custom, I tell the truth?
Barting had always seemed to me an honorable and truthful man, and the warm friendship which he expressed in his note for Mr.
Come," she said in a voice that had the music of all the bells of his flock--"come, thou art not to worship me, who am no goddess, but if thou art truthful and dutiful I will abide with thee.