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Wasn't the conduct of this young lady a testimony to the truthfulness of the tale, and wasn't Vogelstein himself in the position of the young man in the garden?
A woman's standard of truthfulness was tacitly held to be lower: she was the subject creature, and versed in the arts of the enslaved.
Philip's truthfulness made it difficult for him to answer, but he was naturally polite.
for the first time in all my life, a man endowed with real truthfulness of spirit, and I trust him.
Even without, much humor Trollope's books have been a vast pleasure to me through their simple truthfulness.
yet with what originality of effect in that truthfulness, when he writes, for instance:
Happily I could perceive no shadow of a difference: he wore the same aspect as he had worn two months ago--voice, look, manner, all alike unchanged: there was the same keen-sighted, unclouded truthfulness in his discourse, the same forcible clearness in his style, the same earnest simplicity in all he said and did, that made itself, not marked by the eye and ear, but felt upon the hearts of his audience.
I was not at the time well enough acquainted with Caspakian ways to know that truthfulness and loyalty are two of the strongest characteristics of these primitive people.
I think," the Prince continued, "that the greatest and the most subtle of all policies is the policy of perfect truthfulness.
Truthfulness and courage were to him the essential virtues, and his religious faith was deep though simple and unobtrusive.
What of architectural beauty I now see, I know has gradually grown from within outward, out of the necessities and character of the indweller, who is the only builder -- out of some unconscious truthfulness, and nobleness, without ever a thought for the appearance and whatever additional beauty of this kind is destined to be produced will be preceded by a like unconscious beauty of life.
I know that the sunlight can be made to lie too, yet one felt that no manipulation of light and pose could have conveyed the delicate shade of truthfulness upon those features.