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28) In an age that is as ruthless as it is truthless, contra cannot survive.
When you think of the world's current disorders--the silent conspiracy especially of its professions, medical, legal, educational, political, artistic, journalistic, to stifle opposition to the current culture of sterility and death, expressed at its most virulent by a slaughter of the innocent that would make Hilter and Stalin blush, and then think of the truthless vocabulary of this conspiracy, "inclusive," "sensitive," "discriminatory," being employed to alter the very Liturgy of the Church, you are coming close, it seems to me, to describing the abomination of desolation standing in the Holy Place (Mt 24:15), (Mk 13:14), (Dt 9:27).
Pretending to attack consumerism ("Civilization is money," the drug dealer preaches), the play is as slick, cynical, and truthless as the capitalist mentality it pretends to expose.